Integrating our aggregate licenses and excavation equipment with our septic services allows us to be extremely competitive and offer cost savings to our clients. Our septic installation team is experienced in all system designs and proprietary options.

Septic Systems

We have full-time in-house septic designers and licensed installers. Our various supplier accounts are utilized for competitive septic installation rates and highest quality materials. We are a turnkey contractor, one call does it all.

Design & Permits:

Septic system failing? Call us to schedule a site walk. Our designer will come out to evaluate the best system and options with you. Handling all design, permit applications and inspections in-house keeps us as your one point of contact.

Filter Beds:

Our typical system we recommend to clients is the known filter bed system. Utilizing the best quality aggregate meeting provincial standards and CSA approved septic tanks and pipes, ensuring the longest life span of the system. Need a pump chamber? We offer clients comprehensive septic solutions, all electrical connections, alarms, pumps and heat tracing will be installed with dedicated circuits to your electrical panel, no need to call an electrician like our competition.

EcoFlo Biofilter System:

Complex sites may have rock terrain, limited space, or shallow/slow draining soils making a conventional filter bed not practical. This energy-free treatment system has a filter medium made of coconut husk fragments or a combination of coco and peat moss. Integrating this system allows our design to be up to 50% smaller than a conventional filter bed and 100% renewable resources.

Waterloo Biofilter System:

Waterloo is designed to perform on difficult sites, small or remote lots, bedrock, clay soils, or environmentally sensitive areas. Waterloo has the smallest system footprint, minimizes tree removal with above grade shed options, and can minimize mantles and mounds using low-profile flatbed biofilter products.

Why us?

We are the only local contractor who provides a complete septic installation service. From design, permits, inspections, aggregate, equipment, plumbing, pumps, and electrical we can provide the best cost saving options to our clients by having control of the entire project. All our material is in stock, highest quality, CSA and part 8 OBC approved. Transparency and budget are known before the first shovel is in the ground, don’t get caught in unexpected/unbudgeted costs, trust our solid reputation.

We offer remote installation and island installation services. No job is too big or too small.

Trained personal in all systems and Biofilter technology.

We offer Class 1 to Class 5 design and installation services.