Allcon Construction Inc. is an authorized dealer of Hometech Window Corporation, providing the highest quality vinyl windows at reduced retail rates, exceeding the industry standard at reduced prices. All windows are custom made to any shape, size, colour and are shipped directly from the factory in Vaughan. These cost savings are passed down to our customers.

Why Hometech?

With a terrible nationwide seal failure rate of 9% after only 15 years, Hometech wanted to ensure that your sealed glass units were the best in the world. It’s as simple as that. Your Hometech windows will feature sealed units made directly by Cardinal IG, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium LowE glass coatings. Over 70% of the North American market used Cardinal LowE, but Hometech is one of only a few companies where the complete sealed unit, including the glass, spacer, sealant and argon filling is done for you directly by Cardinal IG.

Avoid the problems affecting millions of homes. Cardinal IG will manufacture your sealed glass units using a radically enhanced dual sealed, warm edge technology for maximum performance and longevity. They feature an infrared applied polyester interface (unique to Hometech), continuous reinforced corners, without the weak spots of corner joints, argon filling in an argon chamber. Unlike most systems, no holes are drilled and manually plugged, a major source of seal failures.

The result? After 20 years, audited rates show a failure rate of only .002. Hometech’s Cardinal IG units have eliminated the weak spots that commonly lead to seal failures that can plague homes for years and can be very expensive to fix, one after another. Some homeowners have had every window in the house ruined by seal failures. Don’t take a chance. Get the Cardinal IG solution; units uniquely made for your new generation Hometech Contour Series windows. Each carries a discrete laser-etched Hometech identification and Cardinal IG keeps your exact data for life. There is nothing like them.

Easy to Understand, No Restrictions, No Small Print, 20 Year Warranty